All of my friends think that travelling for business means free holidays – they don’t account for the 24 hour days, hours waiting in airports, hire cars to the back-ass of nowhere locations and of course actual work.

BUT I’d be lying if I said it was all bad!

After a very long trip to Stansted then a Ryan Air flight to Treviso I found myself recently in a motel in Treviso, Venice, Italy. My real destination however was LAKE GARDA for my first bi-annual marketing meeting.

My boss is great and although he’s totally over the stress and wonder of travelling for work he has passed on a few great words of wisdom I thought I’d share.

1. Take the time to look around and appreciate where you are.

Lake Garda is a beautiful place and although it said this on my travel itinerary I was in fact staying at a hotel about 5km from any part of the lake. This happens on so many business trips. You drive out of the airport to a hotel, office or expo and don’t get to appreciate where your job actually can take you.

Tip #1 is to plan extra travel time into your trip even to just have a look around. It would be a massive shame to travel to Lake Garda and not get to glance across the beautiful bays at the stunning, snowy mountains in the backdrop. By taking an extra hour I got to see 2 different banks of the lake including a castle!

Check out Sermione on the awesome Hand Luggage Only blog!

2. Travelling for business really does get easier the more you do it.

My other half can testify to how bad a traveller I was before I took this job; anxious, lost and panicky even if I was going somewhere 40 miles away, never-mind flying to new countries on my own. After spending this year jetting all over Europe and the UK, I can honestly say it really does get easier. As long as you plan where you are going, know your timings and keep your phone charged you’re pretty much onto a winner! I’m still anxious but I make the time to get to airports and train stations early to make it much easier – and remember if it’s part of your work try make it as easy for yourself as possible!

*Please note it is a million times easier to lose your hand luggage when travelling alone and super stressful trying to find lost property in a foreign airport as even the spottiest of red and white suitcases can disappear!!!

3. Take every opportunity to go somewhere new.

The idea of travelling never really interested me – being a bit of a home girl, but the places I see, the new cultures and the people make it all worth while. Travelling for business means you’re often talking to people from different places and they are by far the best trip advisors you will ever meet. They know the best foods, the secret beauty spots and things you cannot miss!

Pause and enjoy.

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