“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca

My husband used to HATE how bad I was at travelling. The very idea of travelling set my anxiety off and I’d be planning for a trip for three weeks in advance ensuring every possible eventuality was prepared for. The feelings were crippling even once I had boarded my flight – I hated being in places I didn’t know and felt a complete lack of control.

The good news is that you can overcome travel anxiety. I sit here in an airport, waiting for my flight that is delayed by 2 hours, in total peace – I’m actually having a rather productive morning. I don’t have tummy ache or that sense of dread – I have just accepted that the plane is late – ah well.

Since I started my new job last year I never would have dreamed I’d travel so much. I have been on around 46 flights in the last 18 months (how bonkers is that!) and to 9 different countries. This has taught me that practice makes (almost) perfect.


I mean some things still freak me out – like a chain of Ryan Air delays that meant I missed my last train home and had a £120 taxi ride from hell, getting home at 3am. Or the time I couldn’t work out how the ticket system worked on the French train system. Or come to think of it how to work the London Underground routes out.

Anyway I have definitely improved. And the big learn for me here is that things really can get easier. If you find something particularly difficult and it works as a trigger for anxiety and stress – maybe trying to do it more is a way to overcome the issue – granted in this case I had no choice as my chosen career is international marketing – but still, if you don’t like how you look in a swimming costume, go swimming more. If you hate public transport, leave the car at home when you have a choice so its not so scary when you HAVE to do it.

My biggest tip is to sort out a routine that makes you feel more relaxed – mine is prepping my bag the night before, that way I feel more in control, and it so works for me!

Fountain Milan.PNG


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