“Man should never work for the machine, machine should work for the man.”

– Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

I LOVE GADGETS. They just make my life so so much easier.

I work in marketing and am currently doing a masters in International Business, so digital is a huge part of my world. Not to mention I have quite an addiction for gadgets and their accessories.


I must admit that my workspace always looks a little like this. From tablets to laptops to notepads – I absolutely love “real” and “digital stationery” and must search for new planner products every couple of months, but I still can’t help but enter every Paperchase I see and browse (or buy) all the pretty notepads and ringbinders.

Despite my huge collection of goodies my Ipad Pro is the best product I have ever bought – for drawing, planning, reading, shopping – everything in one place, which, for someone who travels a lot and walks to work, is a blessing. One of the greatest things about my tablet is being able to read the e-books I need for my online course whilst jotting on Evernote on my laptop. Convenience is key in this day and age and just being able to pick up any of my work on a plane, a bus, in different offices or hotels is wonderful. It literally takes the weight out of studying as I no longer have to carry a multitude of books for my lectures – everything is available at the click of a button. Gadgets really do make everything so much easier.

Forget just using your phone to browse Facebook or Instagram every spare minute – use your gadgets to better your life. I use them to make my travel lighter, my tasks easier and my desk prettier.

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