“We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us.”


– Marshall McLuhan

Evernote has changed my life twice now. Firstly during my degree course, and now that I am doing a masters whilst working. I don’t think I could survive without it!

In one of the other sections on here I posted about how I love gadgets. Well its dawned on me (once again sat waiting around in an airport) that it isn’t just gadgets I love – its the apps that make them perfect. And Evernote is one of the best examples.

In my freshers year I was living with a boyfriend about 45 minutes commute from uni. It didn’t seem so bad, until I was shuffling up the road in the rain, my comfy shoes, a huge backpack, carrying books and laptop as well as a tote bag filled with files for my hours in the library. Do you ever get bored doing the same thing all day? Yeah well that’s me every hour or so. So I’d be feeling pretty grim when I got to uni only to find I’d left the key book at home.

Enter Evernote. 


I would recommend this app to anyone at all that takes notes, whether that’s study notes, a shopping list, drafts for creative writing or meeting notes. I use multiple tools (laptop, iPad, phone) and so need something that syncs smoothly across devices so I can access everything in one place at the drop of the hat. The handy notebooks are so well organised it just makes me smile.

The search and tag options make old notes easy to sift through and most of all its all digital so no more big books! I do pay for the premium version – this lets me have all notes offline (great for travelling and airplane mode) and lets me search and annotate through PDFs – really useful for reading through journal articles and taking notes.

Now I work and have some team members the work-chat feature also works rather well – I can see chats and document updates with them in conversation streams rather than piles of emails.

I couldn’t have dreamed of starting my masters without Evernote by my side, so after 18 months on trying to organise my life without it I happily returned.

It takes a little getting used to, but once you find your rhythm with it, it can become the very best notebook you will ever have (and I haven’t even mentioned the cool audio recordings or add-ons you can get).










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